Proxy (Port Forwarding List)

Used to map MaxProxy’s proxy IPs to other devices or software through port forwarding. Currently, both dynamic IPs and static IPs can use the port forwarding function.
Here you can manage the proxy IPs on the port. The proxy IPs forwarded through the port only support Socks5 protocol.
PS: MaxProxy client must be on when using port forwarding. After closing MaxProxy client, the proxy IPs that have been configured in the port forwarding list will not be saved and must be reconfigured. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the MaxProxy client open during the use of the proxy IP. The MaxProxy client is always on when using the proxy IP.


How to use multi-port forwarding: local port forwarding or LAN port forwarding

  • For local port forwarding, enter as the IP address in the proxy settings of the software.
  • For local port forwarding, enter the LAN IP address of the computer where MaxProxy software is located, such as entering ipconfg in the command prompt on the local computer to see the local IP address.

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