Windows System

MaxProxy software can run on all Windows systems on the local machine. In the Windows system, it can be understood as global proxy mode, which is implemented using the proxy function built into the Windows system.

In this mode, only the double-click proxy IP mode can be used, which runs on the HTTP protocol. Both dynamic IP and static IP can be used in the proxy function built into the Windows system.

Note: When using port forwarding, the MaxProxy client must be kept open. If the MaxProxy client is closed, the proxy IP configured in the port forwarding list will not be saved and must be reconfigured. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the MaxProxy client always on during the use of the proxy IP.

Step 1: Get the IP
Basic tutorial for configuring the proxy:

tutorial for using dynamic IP:

tutorial for using static IP:

Step 2: Enable the IP
Double-click on a selected proxy IP to enable it. The specific IP address will be displayed below the country, indicating that the enabling is successful.


Step 3: Check if it is enabled in the proxy settings of the Windows system.
Windows Settings – Network & Internet – Proxy

Note: You only need to check here, and generally no action is required for this step.

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