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Many software support proxy server function, such as browser, FTP client, download tool, etc. To use MaxProxy proxy IP to access the Internet, you need to add the proxy server address and port number in the software settings, and just fill in the proxy IP and port number provided by MaxProxy. The specific method is as follows.

  1. Open the software that needs to be configured as a proxy and enter the software settings interface.
  2. Find the Proxy Settings option, usually located in Network Settings or Advanced Options.
  3. Select Configure proxy server manually, enter the proxy IP and port number provided by MaxProxy.
  4. Save the settings, close the software and reopen it to complete the proxy configuration.

It should be noted that the proxy settings may vary from software to software, but the principle is basically the same. If you encounter the problem of no Internet access or slow network speed, you can try to change the proxy IP address of MaxProxy or contact customer service to solve the problem.

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