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24 What is a Residential Agency

Residential IP proxies are intermediaries networks that enhance your anonymity and online security. They facilitate data collection using IP addresses from local internet service providers worldwide, allowing you to access any website globally.

Our service guarantees 99.9% uptime and optimal performance. You won’t encounter any captcha or other obstacles. We offer millions of IP addresses from residential homes in different countries/regions. Our service is global.

Operable public network data is distributed across different regions, countries, and cities – but sometimes, it is not accessible due to various geographical restrictions. Access to local markets is crucial for e-commerce businesses and price aggregators, but their opportunities to collect public network data often need to be expanded.

MaxProxy’s proxy locates IP addresses in a set of major cities across America, Europe, and Asia, solving the problem of local data scraping. With these real user IPs, you can devise local marketing strategies, execute SEO, etc.

Many companies worldwide use proxies. Ordinary business owners and advanced users who need to handle critical public network data must be able to access them. MaxProxy brokers can be managed through an easy-to-use web interface. The interface offers a traffic dashboard, quick start guide, product and service overview, etc. For advanced users who need more fine-tuning capabilities, MaxProxy provides a proxy management API for better scalability and finer control.

Proxy servers can help you improve network connection speeds, cache network data, filter traffic, and more. They are helpful for both individuals and businesses. However, remember that using a proxy may slightly slow your internet connection. Choosing a reputable and reliable proxy provider is also essential to ensure the best service and security.

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