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5 ways privacy protection benefits you

Your online privacy is worth protecting. Doing that with a IP also has other benefits. Read below how protecting online privacy helps you.
Easiest way to protect your privacy is using a VPN app
Imagine that everything you say, buy, or search could be tracked. That’s how the internet works. VPN is a privacy protection app, which allows you to limit online tracking. It also has many other benefits for your everyday life. Here are 5 ways online privacy protection benefits you.
1. Keep your private information safe
Everything you do online leaves a mark. You can never know exactly who is following you — or why. Internet privacy means protecting your browsing history, pass­words and user­names, private messages, purchases, etc. from prying eyes. This information is valuable to trackers, advertisers, and criminals. Most likely you don’t want them to know.
2. Stream your favorite content around the world
Some countries restrict access to web­sites and content. With a VPN you can read and watch content from your home country wherever you are. It’s also possible to stream content from other countries from your home couch. Maybe there’s a TV show or a sports game not shown where you are? Install a VPN app on your computer, phone, tablet, or even on your Android TV to access it.
3. Save money when shopping online
Some websites tailor prices based on your location and browsing history. Web­sites know accurately where you are located and can alter prices based on that. VPN protects your real location, so tinkering with prices based on where you are is much harder. You can compare international prices, get the best deals, and some­times even save money with a VPN.
4. See less targeted ads
Have you ever seen ads related to something you just searched online, messaged, or spoke about? That’s because of the automatic trackers following you. When they find out what you like, advertisers can better sell it to you. VPN limits how much data companies can gather about you, so they have a harder time trying to sell you things. When you use a VPN, you won’t see as many targeted ads.
5. Make any Wi‑Fi network safe
Have you ever used a public Wi‑Fi net­work in a café, an air­port, or a shopping mall? The net­work could be a trap set by a hacker to steal your pass­words or banking data. What you do in an unsecure Wi‑Fi can be seen by the net­work owner. You can’t always be sure about safety, but you can make any Wi‑Fi secure with a VPN. This is super useful while travelling when you have to use unknown Wi‑Fi net­works.
VPN is really easy to use — no technical skill required
Is VPN hard to use? Absolutely not. F‑Secure FREEDOME VPN activates with just one button. That’s it. No technical skill is required for using it. It works immediately after activation. To switch it off, press the same button. If 
you’re interested in how it works, read more from our article What is a VPN.
Start protecting your online privacy today and get all the benefits
MAXPROXY VPN is a simple but elegant app for protecting your privacy online. Get all the benefits mentioned in this article by using it on your devices. Its fast servers and elegant interface make it an ideal choice for online privacy protection.

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