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Can MaxProxy be a better alternative to the 911S5 after the official curtain call?

911S5, a well-known proxy IP service provider, announced its permanent shutdown on July 28, leaving users eager to find high-quality alternatives that can help them continue to complete their projects and work.


If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality proxy IP service provider, we recommend that you consider MaxProxy proxies. MaxProxy has proxy IP resources covering the world, including high-profile nodes and dynamic residential proxy IPs, which can help you complete various cross-border business needs.


At present, MaxProxy’s IP resources are distributed in many countries worldwide and have won the excellent reputation of many users. Next, I will take you to understand the advantages of MaxProxy proxies:

  1. Abundant IP resources


At present, MaxProxy provides up to 90 million real residential IPs per day, and the number of IPs ranks at the forefront of the industry; IP resources are distributed all over the world, covering more than 220 countries and regions, and users can choose IP from any country, city, ASN or carrier to conduct business and obtain faster and higher-quality IP proxy services.


  1. Stable operation


MaxProxy provides completely pure proxy IP resources, which can achieve 98% connection rate and 98% accuracy, and easily improve the overall efficiency of the business and reduce the business cost for users through fast response speed, unlimited concurrent requests and stable running time.


  1. Easy to use


Compared with other products in the industry, users who use MaxProxy can monitor information through the account background at any time, effectively control traffic usage, conduct data statistics, and manage whitelists and verified accounts.


  1. Diverse services


In order to meet the business needs of users in different scenarios, MaxProxy currently provides five solutions: dynamic/static residential, dedicated data center, dynamic long-term ISP, and dynamic data center. At the same time, it also provides five types of product packages: dynamic monthly subscription, static residence, exclusive/dynamic data center, dynamic long-term ISP, and more flexible billing packages for users to choose, so that each user can obtain suitable package content according to their own business needs and reduce business costs.


  1. Low price


While launching many types of product packages, MaxProxy also controls the price of product packages at a lower level in the industry, adopting a tiered quotation. If the user needs a larger data package, the lower the unit price, coupled with MaxProxy promotions are particularly frequent, so the overall MaxProxy proxy service price is relatively low.


  1. Convenient customer service


MaxProxy provides 7*24 hours customer service, experienced customer service, and technical research and development team to bring customers all-weather multi-faceted business scenario support. At present, many products in the industry that provide overseas agent IP services belong to foreign brands, and customer service communication needs to use English, and there is a certain time difference, while MaxProxy, as a domestic product, does not have this problem.


In conclusion, after the 911 proxy, the MaxProxy is undoubtedly the best choice.


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