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Restrictions on Anti-crawling Measures for Proxy IP Websites

It is difficult for web crawlers to avoid the restrictions of anti-crawler measures of significant websites. These sites often periodically monitor traffic to an IP address to determine whether a user is a “robot.” If it is identified, the crawler may be blocked by IP, so it cannot access the website.

Using a proxy IP for web scraping is a standard method, but paid proxy IPs are usually more expensive, so people also look for free proxy IP websites. However, most of the free proxy IP addresses are unavailable due to timeliness.

Some people use proxy IP pools to maintain available proxy IPs. These proxy IP pools store available proxy IPs for use when needed. However, this approach is less efficient as proxy IPs quickly become invalid.

You may mention IP and operating system environment when registering various foreign virtual phone number websites and apps. You can search for a free proxy IP website or use a paid proxy IP service to get a proxy IP. The method of checking the quality of the current proxy IP may vary according to personal preference. Still, a network speed test tool can usually detect the connection speed and latency of the proxy IP. You can also use a web testing tool to see if the proxy IP can access the desired website.


In online games, crawlers are usually limited by the anti-crawling measures of large websites. These anti-climbing measures usually regularly detect the traffic of a specific IP address to determine whether the user is a “network robot.” If it is confirmed as a crawler, it will be blocked by IP and cannot access the website.

To solve this problem, people usually use proxy IPs for web scraping. However, paid proxy IPs are generally more expensive. There are many free proxy IP websites on the Internet, but for timeliness reasons, most addresses are unavailable. Many tutorials aim to maintain a pool of proxy IPs, but this approach is less efficient as proxy IPs become invalid quickly.

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