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Why should crawlers replace IP addresses with IP proxies

Generally, IP addresses on the Internet are dialed to broadband carriers by routers or optical modem devices. However, there are many limitations to this distribution method, such as only obtaining IP addresses from a certain region and not IP addresses across provinces or cities. In addition, these IP addresses cannot be used when network IPs are restricted or blocked. Therefore, to make better use of the Internet, people need to seek more flexible and reliable IP address allocation.

It can change the Internet IP address across the country without restrictions, change IP location information, obtain IP addresses from south to north, and obtain IP addresses from north to south, effectively solving the IP address problems encountered in the game opening, account registration, crawler Python and marketing promotion. This way, people can use the Internet more easily and achieve their goals.

Now, people can obtain information and grasp knowledge through the Internet through mobile phones, computers, and other devices. The Internet offers a variety of features, including shopping, payment, entertainment games, and more. However, some IP address restrictions or requirements may be encountered when doing network operations. The network may not be accessed commonly if you encounter IP address issues, affecting the network experience. To solve this problem, one can use IP proxies, which can help and assist the use of internet IP addresses.

Proxy IPs can help maintain user privacy and security. With proxy IP, users can change their IP address to hide their real location and identity. This can be useful in some cases, such as when visiting certain websites that block specific countries.

In addition, proxy IPs can also help improve network performance. Users can access servers faster and increase network speeds. This is especially useful when visiting overseas websites, as it can bypass domestic network restrictions and access faster overseas servers.

In conclusion, proxy IP is a useful tool that can help people use the Internet better, protect user privacy and security, and improve network performance.


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