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Why do domestic proxy IPs choose more nodes for proxy IPs?

When choosing a proxy IP, the number of nodes is essential. The more nodes, the proxy IP provider can provide more IP addresses in different regions, which is very important for some businesses. For example, if your business needs to visit websites in multiple countries frequently, the more nodes, the better because you can choose IP addresses from different countries to access the website to avoid being blocked by the website.

On the other hand, the primary purpose of using a proxy IP is to hide your actual IP address to protect your privacy. If there are fewer nodes, you may use the same IP address multiple times, which will put your privacy security at risk. Therefore, when choosing a proxy IP, in addition to the price, you also need to consider the number of nodes to ensure that your business is safe and reliable.

The three significant advantages of choosing Maxproxy are:

  1. Choosing Maxproxy reduces the risk of being identified. Maxproxy has many nodes, so you can use more proxy IPs in different regions so that it is more like an actual customer visit and is harder to identify.
  2. Choosing Maxproxy can provide more optional regions. Maxproxy has many nodes to obtain proxy IPs from different areas, making meeting your specific business needs easier.
  3. Choosing Maxproxy can improve the business success rate. Maxproxy has many nodes, so you can use more different proxy IPs, reducing the proxy IP reuse rate and improving the business success rate.

All in all, choosing Maxproxy can provide better proxy IP and improve your business security and success rate.


Whether in terms of IP quality, resource quantity, service capability, domestic agencies, or service providers, Pinyin can give you a good user experience, and it is worth your choice.


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