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Why do different types of proxy IPs vary so much?

Why can’t this free crawler proxy be used? Many friends have this question, why is the quality of this ordinary proxy so poor and expensive?

First, free proxy IPs can be shared on the internet. Anyone can use it, but due to overcrowding by users, all resources (such as bandwidth) have been used up. When you want to use it, there may not be any available resources. In addition, because many people use it to access the same website, it is likely to have been identified and restricted by anti-crawling strategies, so when you want to use it, it may not work correctly.
Therefore, free proxy IPs are not available. Even if they are available, it can be challenging to find a suitable one. It is time-consuming and inefficient to use. For beginners, it can be used for practice or with free proxy IP tools web admins provide to improve efficiency.

Let’s talk about regular and open proxies, which are the same as free proxy IPs. The difference is that they are screened and placed in an IP pool, with an API access interface provided. Since their nature is still that of a free proxy IP, their quality still needs improvement. Although they are screened, their use efficiency is still low due to the instability of free proxy IPs.
Some friends complain that the validity period of short-term premium proxy IPs is too short, only 3-6 minutes, far from meeting their business needs, which require 30-60 minutes to meet the requirements. Short-term premium proxy IPs have significant daily traffic and are mainly used to automatically call APIs through code or software and automatically switch.
They can be used for data mining, effect supplementation, network voting, and other services. These services usually have a large number of tasks that require a large number of IPs. At the same time, these tasks require fresh IPs rather than the long-term use of one IP. Therefore, the validity period of short-term premium proxy IPs is shorter, and updates are relatively faster.
Some friends ask why the number of IPs in a private IP pool is small but expensive. This is because the entire IP pool is private and can be self-controlled. It supports HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5 proxy protocols and is suitable for business scenarios that require complete IP addresses and free control of duration. If one person uses a private IP pool, it is equivalent to buying a server to set up an IP pool, which has a higher investment cost, so the price is also higher.
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