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What should I do if my computer cannot use a proxy IP? Useful Max agent

When the proxy IP is invalid or has just failed, the client cannot connect to the proxy server and, therefore, cannot access the web page. The solution to this problem is to use a practical proxy IP. Usually, using a good proxy IP requires authorization to use. Two mainstream authorization methods exist, binding IP address allowlist and account password authorization.

In this case, the login window of “username and password” will pop up after setting the proxy IP. After entering the username and password, it may be the reason for the authorization failure if you still can’t access the web page. Changing the proxy IP or contacting the proxy IP provider is recommended to solve the problem.
You must re-enter the correct password to use the proxy IP if you change your password. Sometimes, representative IP service providers change passwords regularly, so you must log in to the client frequently to check if new passwords are released. In conclusion, there can be many reasons for authorization failure.

We also need to consider the speed, stability, and security of the proxy IP. If we choose a proxy IP that is slow, unstable, or insecure, our business will suffer. Therefore, when selecting a proxy IP, we should weigh the cost performance and service quality according to the actual situation.

MaxProxy‘s proxy IP can provide users with convenient, efficient, and secure network services. If you need it, you can always contact MaxProxy customer service, which will provide you with additional help and support.


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