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What is the use of an IP proxy?

There are some advantages to using the proxy IP to store the database.

Web crawler and data capture: Proxy IP can help crawlers crawl data on the website faster and avoid being blocked by the website.

  Browse the web anonymously: Users can access those restricted web pages using a proxy IP while protecting their privacy.


  1. Solve the problem of IP ban: If a particular website has banned a specific IP address, you can use the proxy IP to access this website.
  2. It can protect the security of the database: because the proxy IP can hide the actual IP address of the user, thereby preventing the database from being attacked.
  3. Help optimize the performance of the database because it can control the access to the database to prevent the database from overloading.
  4. Save traffic. A user using a proxy IP will be cached when accessing certain websites. The cached data can directly avoid repeated user visits and save user traffic.
  5. Enhance network security. Using a proxy IP can enhance network security. A proxy server can encrypt information during transmission to avoid hacker attacks. In addition, the proxy server can also be protected by a firewall to better protect the user’s network information security.

In conclusion, using a proxy IP to store the database can improve the security and performance of the database.

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