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What is the difference between static IP and dynamic IP?

Static IP is more reliable and stable than dynamic IP, especially for running websites, servers, and other applications requiring fixed IPs. Its advantage is that users do not need to re-acquire IP every time they go online, can directly connect to the Internet and can provide more stable network services. However, the disadvantage of static IP is that it requires additional fees, and the address pool is smaller than that of dynamic IP, resulting in a waste of resources.

The impact of static IP and dynamic IP on network speed:

Static IP and dynamic IP do not affect network speed because the network speed provided by ISP operators to each user is limited based on the physical line that the user connects to the operator, not by the IP address. That is to say, as long as your network bandwidth is sufficient, whether you use a static IP or a dynamic IP, the network speed is the same.

ISP operators give away static IP addresses:

ISP operators usually do not give away static IP addresses but lease IP addresses to users. However, since IPv4 addresses have been allocated and are seriously scarce, ISP operators will not give away IP addresses to users.

The reason for the existence of static IP is that the data transmission in the network uses the IP address as the original destination address, not the website’s domain name. The DNS server will translate the website’s domain name into an IP address, which requires constant updating of DNS records. If you use a dynamic IP because the IP address will change frequently, you need to update the DNS records often, which is not conducive to the operation of the network. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of DNS records, using static IP can avoid this situation.

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