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What is a shared proxy & why is it cheap

Have you ever been denied access to website content because of using an automated robot? Many people encounter problems accessing website content using automated robots because it violates the terms of most websites. They use a proxy server to hide their IP address to solve this problem. This is done to avoid being blocked and automate tasks.


In addition to using a proxy server, there are other methods for hiding an IP address, such as using a virtual private network (VPN) or anonymous proxy server. However, proxy servers are the most commonly used method because they provide a highly unknown network connection and are typically easy to set up and use.

In summary, automated network marketing tasks require a proxy server or other methods to hide the IP address to avoid being blocked and protect your privacy.


Shared proxies are a group of proxy servers that multiple individuals or organizations can share. Users can access the internet through the shared proxy server without worrying about their IP address being identified. The advantage of this is that users can protect their privacy while also utilizing the bandwidth and connection speed of the shared proxy server. However, the security of shared proxy servers may be lower because it allows multiple users to use the same IP address simultaneously.


Dedicated IP refers to each user having their IP address. This means that the user can access the internet through their IP address without sharing the same IP address with other users. The advantage of a dedicated IP is that the user can better protect their privacy and the security is higher. However, the cost of a dedicated IP is generally higher than that of a shared IP.

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