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What if a crawler needs to use a lot of IPs?

Currently, many websites’ anti-crawling measures are based on the identified IP address. When we visit this website, our IP address is logged. If the operation is improper, the server may determine the IP as a crawler and restrict or prohibit the IP from continuing to access. So, if the crawler proxy IP is insufficient, how should it be solved?

The most common reason for crawlers to be restricted is that they are crawled too often, exceeding the time limit set by the target website, resulting in being banned from the server. As a result, many crawler workers choose to use proxy IPs to help things work.

Sometimes the use of proxy IP will cause insufficient IP. If you repurchase it, the cost will increase. At this point, you can try to solve this problem in the following ways:

Reduce crawling speed and reduce the consumption of IP and other resources. Doing so can reduce productivity and is likely to affect work speed. Try using a different proxy provider to find more available proxy IPs. However, pay attention to choosing a regular service provider and avoid buying a poor-quality proxy IP.

Another solution is improving crawling technology, reducing redundant processes, and increasing the program’s efficiency. Doing so can reduce the consumption of IP and other resources. For example, you can reduce the use of IP by optimizing the code of the program to increase the speed of the crawler so that it can complete the crawling task faster. In addition, multi-threaded or distributed crawler technology can disperse crawling jobs and reduce the loss of a single IP.

In China, MaxProxy is an excellent proxy IP service provider. Whether from the perspective of IP quality, resource quantity, or service capabilities, it can bring users a good user experience and is worth choosing from.


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