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What are the proxy types? What other proxies are available now?

The so-called proxy type refers to the way the proxy server works, which determines the specific process of the proxy server in providing services to users; common proxy types include:

HTTP proxies refer to proxy servers capable of handling the HTTP protocol. It helps users access the Internet via the HTTP protocol and provides transit and caching functions between users and the destination server. Using an HTTP proxy can improve the user’s access speed and hide the user’s real IP address to protect the user’s privacy and security. Compared with HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies can also provide the ability to encrypt transmissions to ensure the security of users’ data during transmission.

SOCKS proxy is a network proxy that provides proxy services to clients, enabling clients to access external networks through proxy servers. SOCKS proxy supports various network protocols, including TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc., and can provide security functions such as user authentication and data encryption. Compared with other types of proxy servers, SOCKS proxies are more flexible and versatile, able to provide proxy services for different types of clients and bypass firewalls to facilitate user access to external networks.


Transparent proxy: This proxy type hides the user’s real IP address, but the target website can still identify the user using a proxy server in some way. Anonymous proxy: This proxy type hides the user’s real IP address and prevents the target website from recognizing that the user is using a proxy server.


Now with the closure of the 911S5, MaxProxy is undoubtedly the best choice. MaxProxy provides a rich proxy IP address library, including residential IP and high-profile IP from all over the world, which can meet the needs of different users. At the same time, MaxProxy also provides simple and easy-to-use client software through which users can easily configure proxy IP and access the Internet. In addition, MaxProxy also provides detailed tutorials and online customer service, which can provide users with real-time technical support and consulting services to ensure that users can smoothly use proxy IP for cross-border business.

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