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Use proxy IP for secure browsing.

As is well known, HTTPS protects the connection between the browser and the website. If you are using a public WiFi hotspot and the website is not using HTTPS. Many WiFi hackers and hotspots can monitor your activity and track the website through network monitoring. Many shopping malls and restaurants in China now have many public hotspots. Nowadays, free public hotspots are usually business enterprises that often use these data privacy, sales, etc., to profit.


In fact, as a consumer, it is not possible to determine which proxy IP is good. Even with an old proxy, some proxies are unstable, which is normal.


However, if you are a beginner, choosing the most straightforward and safest proxy is more appropriate.


The first is NewIPNow, an old brand started in 2010, sold by some proxies, and paid every month, but the most significant bug is that it only supports running on software, only on the browser; However, there is no Chinese customer service.


Another is Instant Proxies, which can choose to enter IP and pay every month, but there is a minimum purchase requirement and only supports PayPal, Bitcoin, and 2CheckOut payment; However, there is no Chinese customer service.


Finally, MaxProxy, a high-quality overseas HTTP proxy in Southeast Asia, covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with over 50 million IPs, high cost-effective, and low price. The advantage is the ease of operation, Chinese service and support, and flexible payment methods.


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