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In the Internet era, using proxy IP has become a very common means to protect privacy and security. MaxProxy proxy IP is a very good proxy IP service provider with the advantages of good stability, fast speed, reasonable price, good availability, and IPv6 support. It is also very easy to use MaxProxy Proxy IP in various operating systems. This article will introduce how to use MaxProxy Proxy IP in Windows, MacO and other operating systems respectively.

What is Proxy IP?

In the Internet era, we often need to access various different websites and services. However, for some reasons, we may need to hide our real IP address to avoid being traced or attacked. This is where Proxy IP becomes a very effective means to do so.
A proxy IP is an IP address that is used to access the Internet through a proxy server. When we use a proxy IP, our request is sent to the proxy server first, which in turn sends the request to the target website or service, and after the target website or service returns the result, the proxy server sends the result back to us. In this way, we can hide our real IP address for the purpose of privacy and security.

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