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The access IP address can be changed through proxy IP software.

An IP address is an identifier for a device in Internet Protocol (IP) and is used to locate and identify a device on a network. Every networked device has a unique IP address, which is used to determine the machine, just like our ID card. However, unlike an ID card, you can use proxy IP software to change your IP address and, thus, your online identity. Proxy IP software is usually used to hide the actual IP address to protect user privacy or to achieve network anonymity.

Using proxy IP software can help you do the following:

Prevent attacks: Hiding the actual IP address can prevent hacker attacks and ensure your network security.

Breakthrough restrictions: Use proxy IP software to break through the limits of some networks and access blocked websites.

Improve access speed: Proxy servers usually set up a cache area, and when external information passes through for the first time, it will be saved in the cache area. When other users reaccess the same information, the data can be directly removed from the cache area to improve the access speed.

However, also be aware that using proxy IP software is not foolproof and has some disadvantages, such as it can affect your network speed and can also be detected.


An IP proxy is a network service that changes a user’s IP address, acting as a firewall. IP proxies are commonly used to connect to the Internet and local area networks. After understanding the role of IP proxy and its benefits, you can choose the IP proxy that suits you. However, when using an IP proxy, you should also be aware of its disadvantages, such as it may affect the speed of the network and be discovered.

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