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Switch the method of using the proxy IP

But many novice friends need to learn how to use mobile proxy IP and how to switch IP. What are the ways to switch to using a mobile proxy IP?

If the router uses a static IP address on the external network, you need to restart the optical modem to change the public IP address. Although this method can change the public IP of the computer to access the Internet, it is very cumbersome, and only some people will use it. Therefore, most people will choose the easier way to change the public IP address.

Many people buy a dial-up VPS to switch mobile proxy IPs. Once connected remotely, you can change an IP address every time you dial it. You can also purchase a mixed VPS, which dials out random IP addresses across the country, or a single-region dial-up VPS, which dials out a specific region’s IP address. This method is more convenient than restarting the optical modem, but a dial-up VPS can only use one IP address at a time.

Browsers with mobile proxy IPs are relatively more popular. By changing the browser’s mobile proxy IP settings, you can change the browser’s IP address, which is especially useful for accessing specific websites and has no effect on other programs. But for users who need to switch IP addresses frequently, this method can be cumbersome.

Many people use the MaxProxy tool, which can change the IP address of the entire computer. It is also the reason why many people choose it. It supports the use of HTTP mobile proxy IP and socks5 mobile proxy IP, which is very powerful. However, switching IP addresses is still relatively cumbersome, requiring copying proxy and port information and changing settings.

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