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Relationship between proxy IP server and wireless router

Many people may need to become more familiar with proxy, especially those new to proxy IP, and often need help distinguishing between a proxy server and a wireless router. But in fact, there is a big difference between the two devices. Otherwise, the IP mobile phone software will not appear, and the proxy IP server has nothing to do with the wireless router.

A wireless router is a device used to connect local and wide area networks on the Internet. An IP address is one way of finding a server on the Internet. For example, the public IP address is equivalent to the name of a street or community, while the local IP address is equivalent to the name of each house number in the community. The Internet IP address belongs to the external network address and can be used to connect to the external network.

A proxy server is a service software built on the TCP/IP protocol network layer. Standard service items include WWW and FTP. From this, the hardware configuration of the proxy server is higher than that of the wireless router; that is to say, there is a big difference between the proxy server and the wireless router.
The above introduction gives everyone a thorough understanding of the proxy server. If you are concerned about the security of your online information, a proxy server cannot guarantee your privacy. If you need to apply for a proxy IP, but want your privacy to be protected, then you should choose a high-anonymity proxy IP. Domestic MaxProxy is perfect; you can try it

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