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Little knowledge about proxy IP

When choosing a proxy IP, we may encounter many problems. These questions may include the following:

  • Low proxy IP availability
  • Proxy IP is slow
  • Proxy IP security is poor
  • Proxy IP is blocked
  • Proxy IP cannot access certain websites

If these problems are encountered in using the proxy IP, it may cause network connection failure or cause data loss or damage. Therefore, before using proxy IP, you should know the performance and availability of proxy IP in advance and be prepared to avoid these problems during use.


When choosing a proxy IP, there are many factors to consider.

First, the type of proxy IP. Common proxy IP types include anonymous, general, transparent, and paid proxies. The anonymous proxy can hide the user’s IP address; the available representative will only conceal part of the IP information; the transparent proxy will not hide any user’s IP address; the paid broker is a paid proxy service. Users must choose the appropriate proxy IP type according to their needs.

Second, free proxy IP. Free proxy IPs can worsen the user experience as they may not be as available and fast as paid proxies. However, free proxy IPs also have many advantages, such as being free to use and having a lot to choose from.

Finally, the dialing method of the proxy IP. Some proxy IPs are dialed through a dial-up server. Such proxy IPs are generally relatively stable, but some routes are nationwide, and such proxy IPs may be slower. Users need to choose a suitable proxy IP according to their actual situation.

Suppose you have questions about choosing a proxy IP. In that case, it is recommended that you understand these common problems in advance to ensure network security better and use efficiency when using a proxy IP. If you still have questions, contact us directly, and we will try our best to help you. In addition, some methods can help you improve the efficiency of using proxy IP, such as:

Choose a proxy IP with better performance

Split requests using multiple proxy IPs

Manage Proxy IPs Using Proxy Pools

Regularly check and update proxy IP

These methods can help you improve the efficiency of proxy IP usage while also helping you protect network security.


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