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Is domestic free proxy easy to use?

Some free proxy IPs can still be found in the market. The unique feature of these free proxy IPs is that they don’t charge, but I don’t see any good free proxy IPs currently.


A proxy server acts as a buffer between you and the Internet. Without a proxy server, information is transmitted to your IP address via the Internet when you request a website. But when you use a proxy server, website requests are first received by the proxy server. The request is then sent to the website using the IP address of the proxy server. When a website responds to a request, the information is first sent to the address of the proxy server, and finally, the proxy server sends the information to your IP address.

The advantage of free proxies is that they cost less. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as the need for proper support systems to improve the user experience and the few services offered. Since free proxies’ services are free, they are often slow, and there is a risk that identities and information can be accessed by others, making it very insecure to access payment gateways using free proxies.


Free proxies are also available, but they are less stable and secure. Using a free proxy isn’t a great fit if you need to scrape a lot of data. Paid proxies are better suited for scraping large amounts of data because they offer higher speed, reliability, and security.

The proxy IP resources provided by MaxProxy are distributed in more than 190 countries and regions worldwide, providing up to 9 million real residential IP resources daily, with high speed and high availability. MaxProxy ensures the security of user information, supports batch use of APIs and supports multi-threaded and high-concurrency use.


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