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How to use a stable and efficient proxy IP

An IP proxy server is an intermediate server responsible for transferring data between the client and the application server. From the point of view of the application server, the IP proxy server is the client. When a client wants to connect with an application server, it must first connect to the IP proxy server.

If the proxy IP is not available, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Unstable network connection: If the network connection of the proxy IP is not stable, it may cause the link to drop or slow down.

An IP address is blocked: If the proxy IP address is blocked, it cannot be used.

Server configuration problem: If there is a problem with the server configuration of the proxy IP, it may cause service instability.

The client cannot connect to the proxy server if the proxy IP fails. This makes the webpage inaccessible and causes a lot of inconveniences. The solution to this problem is to use a valid proxy IP. When choosing a proxy IP, you should pay attention to its quality and choose a proxy IP provider that can provide stable and fast network connections, professional customer service support, and complete functions. Only in this way can the efficiency and convenience of the use process be guaranteed.

High-quality proxy IP usually requires authorization to use. Two mainstream authorization methods exist, binding IP allowlist and account password authorization.

Bind IP allowlist authorization. If your terminal IP is not fixed, the permission to bind the IP allowlist may fail. In this case, after setting the proxy IP, the login window of “username and password” will pop up, but after entering the username and password, the webpage still cannot be accessed.



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