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How to Get MaxProxy IP

MaxProxy comes in both hardware and software versions. Hardware proxies act as intermediaries between your network and the internet. In contrast, software proxies are hosted by a provider or run on the cloud, accessed via an application installed on your device. 


Some software proxies are free with limited addresses and device coverage, while paid versions offer more options and can accommodate a more significant number of devices for a monthly fee.


To use MaxProxy, you need to set it up on your computer, device, or network by following specific steps for your operating system. Usually, the setup process involves using an automatic configuration script, but manual setup is possible by entering the IP address and the relevant port.


MaxProxy acts as a firewall and filter, protecting data and privacy. The end-user or network administrator can secure their digital identity by choosing a proxy designed for these functions. The proxy server inspects incoming and outgoing data, applies rules to mask the user’s actual IP address and prevents direct access to personal information, schedules, apps, and files by online threats. Only the proxy’s IP address is visible to potential hackers, ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

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