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How to choose proxy IP and proxy IP pool

In the market, some proxy IPs require several proxy IPs, and some require a large pool of proxy IPs. So how to choose proxy IP and proxy IP pool?

First, consider your needs, including usage scenarios, required quantities, and other factors. Second, the quality of the proxy IP should be considered, including availability, response speed, stability, and other factors. In addition, you should also consider the size of the proxy IP pool and the type of proxy IP to meet your own needs.

First, stability: The stability of proxy IP directly affects work stability. Therefore, it is essential to choose a proxy IP with high strength.

Second, cleanliness: a clean proxy IP means that the number of users is small, and there will be no business conflicts. Using a proxy IP with a high degree of cleanliness can improve the business success rate.

Third, response speed: The response speed of the proxy IP directly affects work efficiency. Choosing a proxy IP with fast response speed can improve work efficiency.

  1. Width: The more comprehensive the distribution of proxy IP nodes, the better the effect. Because when visiting a website, if the visiting IP comes from all over the country, then such a visit is more authentic and more brutal to be identified.
  2. Quality: A high-quality proxy IP should be fast, stable, clean, and efficient. If you use free proxy IPs or other low-quality proxy IPs, the efficiency will be very low.
  3. Size: The more IPs in the proxy IP pool, the lower the reuse rate of proxy IPs and the higher the business success rate. For example, a high-quality proxy IP has very little daily traffic, and a user only needs to use about 100,000 IPs per day, so the reuse rate of this proxy IP is relatively low.


Among the many proxy IP resources, you must test in advance when choosing an HTTP proxy IP. MaxProxy IP proxy is a high-quality paid HTTP IP with many proxy IP resources. You don’t need to worry about IP resources. It can also meet the needs of different companies using IP numbers.


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