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How phishing, smishing and vishing attacks differ?

Vishing falls under the umbrella term of phishing. The defining factor of vishing scams is the use of voice, where­as email is online criminals’ trusted method used in phishing attacks. However, the use of phone calls can be just a part of a larger scam. Using  Maxproxy IP can avoid these problems

Another form of trickery similar to phishing and vishing is a method best known as smishing. Here the primary tools for online criminals are text messages and instant messaging services, such as Whats­App. Victims of smishing are sent messages with deceitful links that direct to fake web­sites that are then used to steal confidential information or infect the victim’s device with malware. What’s worse, smishing can be used to insert messages into pre-existing message chains, for example between the user and a delivery service, or some other known entity.
Even though the methods of phishing, vishing and smishing may vary, all three share the same motive: the scammer wants access to your personal information or is attempting to fool you for financial gain. All three are also ways to infect the victim’s device with various types of malware, such as trojans and spyware.
Stay protected online with Maxproxy
Vishing is just one trick in an online criminal’s tool­box for getting access to your private information or infecting your device with malware. That’s why you need to be protected on all of your devices.
Maxproxy helps you stay safe online, whether on your desk­top or mobile device. On top of an advanced anti­virus, Maxproxy comes with a VPN for safe and private browsing wherever you are, a pass­word manager and other tools for protecting your identity online. 

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