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Can crawlers use free IPs? MaxProxy 

Free proxy IPs refer to proxy IPs shared on the network that customers can use worldwide to access websites. These proxy IPs are usually less usable and cumbersome, making them unsuitable for frequent use. Paid proxy IPs may be more reliable and practical, but the price may be higher. Using a free proxy IP may be a good option for interns or newbies, but it is unsuitable for professional users.

Paid proxy IP refers to the proxy IP address that users need to pay to purchase. These proxy IPs generally offer higher quality, more reliable service and may provide more features and IP address options. For example, some paid proxy IPs may offer highly customized services to help users achieve specific goals. However, users need to pay a fee to use these proxy IPs.

Crawlers need proxy IPs because using proxy IPs can better hide the true identity of snails and avoid being blocked or attacked by websites. A proxy IP helps crawlers access websites faster and get more data.

These protection policies may include restricting access frequency or restricting access to specific IP addresses. If the crawler does not use a proxy IP, it will constantly visit the website with the same IP address and soon trigger the protection mechanism of the website and cannot continue access. Proxy IPs allow crawlers to access websites with different IP addresses to avoid being restricted by websites. Therefore, crawlers using proxy IPs can access websites more efficiently and obtain the required information.

MaxProxy is a professional proxy service provider that provides high-quality proxy IP for users. MaxProxy’s proxy IP comes from more than 190 countries and regions and is used more than 2 million daily, providing a smooth network experience.



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