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Best 911 alternatives Max Agent MaxProxy

In the first half of this year, the 911S5 agent announced a permanent shutdown because it was repeatedly attacked. This news has shocked many old users, so for those still looking for a 911S5 proxy, please note that it is no longer usable; it is a thing of the past.

MaxProxy — The best low-cost alternative to 911 proxies with a dedicated team to provide timely technical support. MaxProxy uses privacy technology to offer a superb experience. Combined with the high anonymity of the SOCKS5 proxy, we can protect your privacy and easily achieve international network speed acceleration.


MaxProxy proxies are divided into static IPs and dynamic IPs. These IP resources all have a variety of advantages.

They have fast connection speeds and are usually provided directly from data centers.

They are more stable online and do not fail or change frequently.

Their geolocation is precise and reliable, matching IP addresses and their physical locations precisely.

These advantages make the IP resources provided by MaxProxy proxy fast and stable, which can help users complete their business easily.


MaxProxy offers a large number of real residential IPs covering more than 190 countries and regions around the world. It has abundant IP resources and can meet the various needs of users. MaxProxy has numerous advantages such as ease of use, low prices, and excellent customer service. It can provide users with fast and high-quality IP proxy services to help them complete their business better.


MaxProxy represents the low-cost and reliable choice for residential users in the proxy industry. MaxProxy’s residential IP services have a minimum commitment of just $25, allowing you to save as little money as possible. However, the more you buy, the lower the price per IP, which can drop to as low as $0.06. Currently, MaxProxy offers proxies that can be found in 190 different countries around the world. In its current IP pool, there are more than 6 million IP addresses.


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