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Are proxy IP addresses safe? Will the real IP be exposed? How should ordinary people use it?

A proxy IP is a service that replaces your actual IP address.

Transparent Proxy IP is the least stealthy of the three, revealing your actual IP address and the proxy IP address you use. If you use an OK proxy IP, others can track your web activity by following the proxy IP.

The highly anonymous proxy IP is the safest. It can hide the actual IP without revealing that the client is using the proxy IP. If you want to improve access security, using a highly anonymous proxy IP is recommended.

Problem with using proxy IP.

It is difficult for ordinary people to obtain and use a proxy IP, and many proxy software or IP addresses need to be purchased, and many of them need to be more accurate. There are many free proxy IPs on the web, but they have security issues. First, the openness and transparency of free proxy IP are not safe. Second, they are unstable and often experience failures due to a lack of dedicated maintenance.

A better way is to use a paid proxy IP. The advantages of paid proxy IP are:
High security. A professional team usually maintains paid proxy servers, and security measures will be stricter to reduce the risk of hackers’ exploitation.
Good stability. A professional team will maintain the paid proxy server to ensure the validity and availability of the proxy IP.
Abundant resources. The paid proxy server can provide many effective proxy IPs, which can meet the needs of enterprise-level users.
Low repetition rate. The paid proxy server will screen and deduplicate proxy IPs to ensure the quantity and quality of valid proxy IPs.

In short, the MaxProxy IP I use is a high-quality domestic data collection service provider.
Daily updates of 4 million pure IP resources
Support HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxy protocol.

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