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911 proxy VS MaxProxy

Some time ago, the official 911S5 regrettably informed their users that it would permanently close the 911S5 and all its services on July 28.

The reason for this is that hacking groups have used 911S5 for the past two years to conduct phishing attacks. These hackers cloned 911S5’s front-end and back-end websites and registered hundreds of similar domains to build similar websites. Search engines and social media also place a large number of paid search ads in an attempt to lure users to these fake websites. These attacks had a serious impact, leading the 911S5 to decide to cease operations and shut down permanently.

After 911s5 announces the cessation of operations and permanent closure, you can try MaxProxy’s proxy IP service to meet your needs. MaxProxy is a company focused on providing quality proxy IP services, which provide a wealth of help documentation and professional technical support.

In addition, MaxProxy provides excellent customer service that can help you solve any problems you encounter during use. So, if you’re looking for a proxy IP alternative to 911s5, MaxProxy is a great choice.

MaxProxy’s proxy IP helps users hide their IP. This is because the proxy IP can replace the user’s real IP, making the user’s computer appear to be accessing the website where the proxy server is located rather than accessing the user’s real location. This way, users can freely choose a proxy IP in a certain region to access geographically restricted websites and hide their real location.

MaxProxy‘s proxy server is a middleman to cache data from the origin site. This means that when a user or other proxy server accesses information in the database, the proxy server no longer needs to revisit the original site to get the data but can fetch the data directly from its cache. This way, the proxy server can indirectly increase access speed, reduce the pressure of accessing the original site, and improve the user’s access experience.

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